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Anwar Jabez | Clear, Bright | 12/23/09

Anwar Jabez is my first born.  He was surprise #1.  I ate a lot of steak and mashed potatoes with him.  You could tell!  He came out weighing a whopping 9lb 3oz and measured 21in.  He was born on December 23rd, my little Christmas baby during a snow storm.  He’s my funny child, very quirky and in his own little world.  I’ve learned to accept him as he is and not try to mold him into what school and anyone else wants him to be.  That’s just his personality.  He likes playing with his fingers, singing and crackin’ up at a good joke.  He takes after his momma.  He’s also a very loving child, loves hugs and cuddles, very sensitive, just like his daddy.

Ashur Roque | god of War | 09/01/14

Ashur Roque is my second born.  He was surprise #2.  I liked granola and cereal when he was in my belly.  He came out lighter than Anwar at 8lb 3oz and measured 21.5in.  He’s my Labour Day baby, giving a whole new meaning to Labour Day for me.  He was born on September 1st and came out in 8 minutes.  Let’s just say he was ready to see the world.  He’s my determined, alpha male, very much in control, child.  He got that from me – I’m stubborn, determined, can’t tell me no, type of woman.  He looks like me too!  When he came out my husband said, “Look babe, he’s chocolate!”  Yes it was a big deal to me.  My hubby is lighter and so is my older one.


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Tej & Makeda

<< This is my husband and I.  Aren’t we cute?  We couldn’t be any more opposite, but we click!  He’s the ying to my yang.  We’ve been married for 8 years and he thinks I’m funny.  

Tej is really patient, easy going, calm and reserved – he’s a phlegmatic.  He’s a politics and history buff, yellow’s his favourite colour and he has an identical twin brother.  His claim to fame is being one of the producers from the Lauryn Hill album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

I’m Makeda, Caribbean transplant from Trinidad and entrepreneur.  I’ve lived in New Jersey for 18 years and really like it here.  I only like the summer.  I can do without winter, spring and fall.  I love a good steak and potatoes, a matter of fact, all red meat.  I’m loud, energetic, love to laugh and a go-getter – I’m a choleric!

Together we raise Anwar and Ashur, they wear us out but that’s what kids do right?!

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